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11. rts and Crafts movement Pewter Art deco objects

Great Britain, 1920's

1. hammered Teapot - Pewter Craftsman Sheffield
ø 19 cm
Height 12 cm

2. Driven oblong decorative vase - Craftsman pewter Sheffield
ø 12,5 cm (some dents to bottom)
Height 26 cm

3. Partially hammered plate - Monogram - Period Pewter 1650
Frank Cobb & Company, monogram 1926 t / m 1939 in use
Dimensions: 20 cm by 26.5 cm

4. hammered ~ Teapot - Monogram - Period 125 pewter half
Frank Cobb & Company, monogram 1926 t / m 1939 in use
has some dents, but otherwise a very decorative teapot
Height: 17 cm

5 Floral decorated bowl Scotland
ø11, 5cm
Height: 6 cm

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Belgium 13.00
France 13.00
Germany 13.00
Selected European countries ? 13.00
World 24.50

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