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5. Erotica; Henry Gerbault - Boum... Voila! - 1890

Large album with colour illustrations, amusing French moralities

Henry Gerbault - Boum... Voila: Album Inedit en couleur - Paris, H. Simons Empis, 1890 - 1st edition - 50 pp. - pepr cover - dim. 28 x 36.5 cm.

Condition: Reasonable. Cover is detaching from the linen, torn halfway from the bottom (as depicted). Not other tears, no stamps, or pen, etc. The usual foxing. Good copy, considering its age.

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Catawiki number: 3578165
Title: Boum... Voila!
subtitle: Album indedit en couleurs
Literary series: Miscellaneous
Authors: Prudhomme, Sully
Illustrator: Gerbault, Henry
Publisher: H. Simons Empis
Year: 1890
Sort/kind of literature: Erotica, Humour, Picture book, Sociology, Stripgerelateerd
Release: First edition
Type of book: Hard cover
Number of pages: 50
Size: 28.0 x 36.5 cm
Language / dialect: French
Country of distribution: France