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Jos Zinkstok

Auctioneer Jos Zinkstok

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Jos Zinkstok

Auctioneer Stamps

Postage stamps have become one of the most important aspects of my life.

  • Over 35 years’ professional experience
  • Organised his own auctions
  • An avid collector himself
Jos Zinkstok

When Jos Zinkstok received a packet of stamps for his sixth birthday, he was not impressed. Fortunately his father was happy with the gift and immediately began collecting stamps, even becoming a postage stamp director. As a result the postage stamp association regularly met at the home of young Jos. Through this exposure, his love for stamps slowly grew – something which Jos is still pleased about to this day. He started his own collection and visited many fairs, auctions and postage stamp dealers. When his father died prematurely, it was left to him to sell his collection. That was when he discovered the trade and his trading instinct. Jos decided to start his own stamp auction. Four times a year, collectors attended from across the country because there were always good stamps to be found. This went on for 28 years.

After nearly 30 years, a new opportunity presented itself. Joining as an auctioneer in 2012, Jos brought the first postage stamp auction to Catawiki and it developed further. He has put all his knowledge and experience into the stamp auctions. His sense of presentation and eye for beautiful stamps make the auction a success. He also regularly sees old customers or well-known sellers pop up online.

Nicolas  Pereira

Auctioneer Nicolas Pereira

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Ends Thursday from 20:00 CET onwards Ends Thursday from @@TIME@@ onwards Revenue October 27, 2016

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