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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Catawiki auction

What is Catawiki?

Catawiki is the fastest-growing online auction platform in Europe. With over 300 weekly auctions in 80 categories, and 12 million international visitors per month, Catawiki is the site for buying and selling special objects.

What is the Catawiki auction?

All our auctions start on Fridays and end on set days during the week. They are visited by a large international audience. All auctions are supervised by experts, guaranteeing a varied and high-quality selection of items. Our special payment system ensures safe and secure transactions.

Why are lots extended by one minute?

If you place a bid during the final minute, that lot's bidding window will be extended by one minute. This is done to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning. The aim is to avoid everyone having everyone postpone bidding until the final 5 seconds.

What are the auction costs?

Auction fees amount 9% including VAT. Catawiki will send a separate invoice to the buyer for the auction fees. Bids exclude the 9% auction fee and shipping costs, which will be added during final payment. Any other costs or charges such as customs or import duties, customs clearance and handling may also apply during shipment of your lot and will be charged to you at a later stage if applicable. All bids are binding. Bids exclude the 9% auction fee and shipping costs, which will be added during final payment. Any other costs or charges such as customs or import duties, customs clearance and handling may also apply during shipment of your lot and will be charged to you at a later stage if applicable. All prices include VAT. All bids are binding.

Are all bids binding?

Once a bid has been placed, it becomes binding. You are required to purchase any lot you win for the amount you've bid. By placing a bid, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

How do I pay if I win one of the lots?

Payment is very straightforward and user-friendly. You can pay online, via credit card or direct bank transfer. Customers from select countries can use iDeal, Bancontact, Mr Cash, or DirecteBanking. If you are unable to pay online, you can also transfer the sum to our account. The details required can be found in the email you will receive.

Who am I buying the auctioned item from?

You're buying the lot you won from the seller indicated. The seller is mentioned either in the lots list, or below the lot's description. The order and payment pages also clearly indicate which seller you are buying the offered item from. Catawiki only provides the platform used to run the auction. The seller mentioned in the lot's description is at all times fully responsible for the products or services to be delivered.

What is a ‘reserve price’?

A reserve price is a hidden minimum selling price; the minimum at which you, as a seller, would be willing to let an item go. If a reserve price has not been met once the auction ends, that particular lot will not be auctioned off. Please go here for more info.

What is the "expert's estimate"?

Some valuable lots come with an estimated revenue, indicated by the expert. The estimated price range mentioned serves only as an indication, and offers no guarantees as to a lot's actual value.

What happens if an automatic bid is placed on a lot with a reserve price?

When placing an automatic bid higher than an item’s reserve price, your first bid will automatically match that of the item’s reserve price. Your automatic bid will remain active. When placing an automatic bid matching an item’s reserve price, your first bid will match the item’s reserve price. Having reached its maximum, your automatic bid will no longer be active. When placing an automatic bid below an item’s reserve price, your full bid will be placed automatically, and show up in the bidding log. Having reached its maximum, your automatic bid will no longer be active.

How do auction alerts work?

Auction alerts are automated email messages, sent once an item you are searching for is offered at one of our auction. Standard searches only use the titles and sub-titles of each lot. If you'd also like to search the lot descriptions, please select the box marked "Also search lot descriptions". You'll receive a maximum of 1 email per week if your auction alerts match any new auction lots.

Where can I find the outcomes of previous auctions?

By selecting a date from the left-hand menu titled "outcomes of previous auctions" on the current auction page, you can view the revenue of lots from previous auctions.

Can I cancel my bid?

No, any placed bid is binding by law, and remain active until someone places a higher bid on the lot. If a lot has been fixed with a reserve price, and your accepted bid falls below that reserve, that lot will not be sold off.

Will I be informed if an item from my wish list has been put up for auction?

No. You will only be informed if an item on your wish list is put of for sale from the marketplace.

Is it possible to add an item from the auction to your wish list?

You can add any item to your wish list. This also applies to items that are put up for auction. The catalogue number is stated below the lot and can be entered in the search bar.

Is it possible to make bids from abroad?

Yes, you can bid from any country. The item will be delivered to your stated address.

Is it possible to make payments from abroad?

Yes, you can make payments from any country. This can be done by credit card or other online payment methods.

Is it possible for me to pick up the lot? If so, do I still have to pay shipping costs?

Some lot descriptions indicate that lot may be picked up by arrangement. You'll need to indicate your intention of picking it up through the automated email payment confirmation. In this case, you'll not be charged with shipping costs.

Can items be shipped abroad?

Yes, items can be shipped abroad. However, this does have consequences for shipping costs.

How much does shipping lots abroad cost?

The sellers of the lots determine the shipping costs themselves. Shipping costs are stated below each lot's description.

How are lots shipped/packaged)?

Sellers are responsible for their lots' shipment. Shipping is usually done through a parcel service, who will ship it neatly and firmly packaged.

How and when will I be informed if I win?

When any lot is sold to you, an e-mail message is sent saying that you have won that lot. The message states the steps which need to be taken in order to obtain the actual item.

Why is there a minimum for the next bid? How does that work?

To make sure that bidding increments aren't pointless, Catawiki uses minimum increments. This is to avoid people losing lots by just $1 difference. Higher increments than those suggested are allowed, however.

A table of increments is shown below.

Current bid from $ to $ bid step $
$ 1 $ 12 $ 2
$ 12 $ 114 $ 6
$ 114 $ 228 $ 12
$ 228 $ 570 $ 23
$ 570 $ 1,140 $ 57
$ 1,140 $ 2,280 $ 114
$ 2,280 $ 5,698 $ 228
$ 5,698 $ 11,396 $ 570
$ 11,396 $ 22,792 $ 1,140
$ 22,792 $ 56,980 $ 2,280
$ 56,980 $ 113,960 $ 5,698
$ 113,960 $ 227,920 $ 11,396
$ 227,920 $ 569,800 $ 22,792
$ 500,000 > $ 500,000 $ 56,980
Please note: We continuously work on improving the experience of our website. Therefore, although the bidding increments are stated in the table above, it is possible that they vary on different parts of our website or app. This is in order to test new features or for other purposes.

Currency exchange rate

Catawiki is available in GBP, USD and EUR. Prices in these currencies are converted using the currency exchange rate applicable at the start of the auction. This rate is also applied to commission rates and shipping costs. The currency exchange rate applied to this auction is: $1.00 = €0.87750.

Notarial supervision

Our auctions are supervised by a notary official in order to guarantee the validity of all bids placed. This independent notary may review the full bidding history of any of Catawiki's registered bidders and/or auctions at any given time. Access rights to Catawiki's auction system are fully reserved for the notary, and no other third parties have access to this system. Please go here for more info.

I have another urgent question about the auction

If you have any important questions which have not been addressed above, please send us an email. We will contact you as soon as possible.